Best Practices

Test Data

When testing against staging, we are able to generate static test data for your account. This data is not connected to any real data in your ERP system. It is only used for testing purposes.

We have prepared this data so that you can test different scenarios while building your integration.
There are partners that accept different kinds of documents, as well as a list of retail items for your testing needs.

To find a full list of this infromation, please see:

Scenarios you Should Test

When it comes to data integration, it's important to test your integration thoroughly. You should consider the data you will receive or provide to the API. Some scenarios that you should test to ensure that your integration is working correctly are:

  • null values (Missing dates, missing quantities, etc.)
  • Decimal values (quantities, prices, etc.)
  • Zeros

Additionally you should consider how your integration handles the following scenarios:

  • Validation errors returned from the API
  • Can you report an error back to the API, if there is an issue with a document?
  • What do you do when there is a duplicate GLN? (Multiple customers were found for the given GLN in the ERP)
  • What do you do when there is a duplicate GTIN? (Multiple products were found for the given GTIN in the ERP)
  • How to handle missing data in the ERP system?
    • Can this data be skipped?
    • Should you report an error to the Procuros API?
  • How do you handle data received from the API you can't work with?