API Concepts

API Versioning

We are constantly improving and expanding our API. In order to give you the choice of when (or if) you want to benefit from these changes, we are versioning our API.
Our API follows standard semantic versioning, which means we will introduce a new major version number in case new, backwards-incompatible changes are introduced to the Procuros API.

The API version is included in the path of every endpoint. Example:
https://api.procuros.io/v2/transactions (v2 shows this endpoint uses version 2)


Additive Changes

Keep in mind, that purely additive changes are not considered backwards-incompatible, which means your system needs to be able to handle new properties added to the JSON data returned by our API.

Use the version selector in the top lefthand corner of this page to adjust the API documentation to an older version.

Date and Time

For datetime attributes, we are using the ISO8601 format. However, we recommend sending datetime attributes using the Europe/Berlin timezone. Furthermore, all datetime attributes returned by our API will be in Europe/Berlin timezone, regardless of what timezone was used when storing the record.


You can use our Staging environment to test your interaction with the Procuros API, which protects you from accidentally sending transactions to your Trade Partners.

Our Staging and Production environments can easily be distinguished by the domain.

  • Staging: https://api.procuros-staging.io/v2
  • Production: https://api.procuros.io/v2